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Cryptoclub grouping  

(Information exchange)



The goal of the club is to bring together people interested in the field of cryptocurrency and related technologies with the aim of exchanging our experiences and knowledge. It is a dynamic network that helps generate new knowledge and discover new opportunities.

This club is a gathering of serious people wishing to exchange as much information as possible in order to broaden their knowledge in the world of crypto currencies and related technologies such as mining, blockchain, cybersecurity, etc.

The Crypto Club is there to help members build a short, medium and long term strategy and educate investors to build a profitable, safe and profitable portfolio in the cryptocurrency market.

The team


Felix Bernatchez

Graduate in business technology and business management.

He lives in greater Montreal and is passionate about the world of investment and emerging technologies surrounding crypto currencies.

More specifically, he has an increased interest in the different blockchain protocols and how the application of these new technologies in our infrastructures and organisations could impact our lives.

Matthew Chouinard

Business administration graduate from UQAM.

He was introduced to blockchain technology in 2016, during a TED Talks conference presented by Don Pascott.

Since that time Mathieu has always had a huge interest in developing and sharing his knowledge on all aspects of this technology.


Pierre Lagace

Business development specialist in the Middle East.

He has lived in Dubai for 15 years and has been investing in the crypto market since 2017.

Specialist in marketing and integration of Canadian products in the territories of the Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Jordan.

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