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 Consultation and Training


Consultations and private training offered in blocks of 1 to 2 hours:

  • General consultation

  • Help with technical issues

  • Training: Cybersecurity best practices for beginners (2 H)

  • Training: Analyzing a blockchain project - Toolbox (1H)

  • On-chain analysis and fraud investigation (Scams)

Be sure to fully explain your questions and/or issues when scheduling your appointment for a consultation by emailing

The members of CryptoClub come together virtually to exchange on their ideas on topics related to blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies in general.

Each member participating in the meeting will have to present to the groups a subject of 10 minutes. To apply, please email us at

Crypto Club Virtual meet-ups

(Exchange of information)


For more specialized training such as:the best trading techniques and the CHALLENGE. Please see our partners website Paul Crypto Training.


Eliott - Employee:

"The Cryptoclub Group offers networking with quality contacts and points of view and
varied expertise. Open-mindedness promotes learning of the global context through the exchange of

"In addition, it is interesting to be able to discuss economics, politics, "trading" and business while having a related subject about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies."


Maciej - Professional:

"The Cryptoclub Group is a very interesting and dynamic community. Each of the participants
brings varied subjects which allows us to challenge our points of view and increase our

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